(Long) Weekend of the Dead

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 | Games, Reviews, Series | 4 Comments

This weekend was affected by an all time Zombie high. First, Rockstar released their brand new Red Dead Redemption add-on “Undead Nightmare” and FOX aired a new Zombie series called “The Walking Dead“. This alone made my weekend, but both the game and the series really kicked off big time. It is too early for a full featured review, but so far I enjoyed myself a lot riding one of the horses of the apocalypse making sure I don’t waste ammo by just giving headshots and after that relax by eating a greasy pizza and watching “The Walking Dead” pilot with Zombies that scared even a veteran like me.

“Undead Nightmare” is great value for money as you can get it for 10 bucks. It’s a very well done Zombie apocalypse set in the Wild West, which is pretty much awesome by itself, buit is supported by Rockstar quality storytelling and gameplay! It just feels great to jog into the sunset after clearing another town of the flesh eating infestation!

Talking about “The Walking Dead” I gave the pilot a shot because I saw some pretty breathtaking Zombie make up that looked very promising.

The last time I tried to watch a Zombie series it failed after a few episodes (Dead Set). The pilot of “The Walking Dead” did not disappoint at all, it was very well done, thrilling and quite repelling in a positive way – f*ck, these Zombies are really scary folks! Let’s hope the rest of the series can keep up with the high standard the pilot sets. Tonight I’m going to continue with the first real episode and some gyros – yummy!

“Undead Nightmare” and “The Walking Dead” – both highly recommendable for the Zombie affectionate :mrgreen:

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New word: vaccination

Sunday, October 5th, 2008 | Language, Reviews, Series, Vocabulary | No Comments

Gosh, what should I say about this one? Okay, I admit it, I watched a hospital series … my wife loves Emergency Room and now we gave House a try. I tried with her for the first couple of episodes. This is what I got from it. Not a flu, just a vaccination. Now I am immune to all episodes that will follow. Boooring! 😉 Story is basically Dr House standing in front of the elevator overhearing some seemingly unimportant comments and then miraculously having the cure at hand. COME ON! Even though I have no idea about meds, this must be so hilariously dull for someone remotely professional. As I am writing this there are already 5 seasons out there. Hmm, maybe it will be getting more interesting, meanwhile I will start over watching X Files again 😀