Review: Vollplayback Theater “… and Justus for all” Tour: Die bedrohte Ranch (33)

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 | Reviews, Theatre, Vocabulary | No Comments

Radio plays performed on stage, that is what the Vollplaybacktheater (VPT) does. The “tapes” are played back and the artists perform what is happening in the play. You can imagine, that this opens a whole new perspective on theatre as well as on radio plays. VPT plays are simply hilarious and a really good way to spend spare time.


Vollplaybacktheater - Don't miss it!

My first VPT session was “Die drei ??? und die r√§tselhaften Bilder”, since then I have been an abiding attendee, mostly premier shows. But beware, this stuff is not necessarily suitable for kids, even if it may look like it, the main audience’s age is 30+ – people who listened to these plays when they where kids.

Check out this short clip to get an idea what I am talking about:

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9.5/10 – legendary!

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