Building a portable electric guitar rig

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 | Crafting, Gadgets, Tech-savvy | No Comments

I play the guitar. A bit. And I am a crafty bastard. So I figured it would be a nice idea to have a portable electric guitar setup to take to the park. I wanted to have my Boss BR-80 and my cell (i.e. Spotify) as inputs and a decent Bluetooth speaker as the output device. Also, a big power-bank should be included (20k mAh) with multiple outlets so basically every devices could go on the fritz and me still playing.

Went to the DIY store and came up with this solution:

It works just fine even though it feels makeshift. Might need to do proper cuttings still, but even this setup just does the trick. The Bluetooth speaker (B&O Beoplay A1) is quite pricey but man it delivers. Not in terms of loudness, but quality. Very happy with it!

There is just one thing. Procrastination. Instead of playing the guitar I built this rig and now it sits in the back of my room waiting for the summer 😀

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