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Review: Friday the 13th (2009)

Friday, February 13th, 2009 | Movies, Reviews | 1 Comment

I am seriously annoyed. This film was so bad I almost feel bad wasting my time blogging about it. It was worse than Death Race, imagine that! I spent 9 bucks, just to sit next to a smelly Goth guy (not just patchouli – to each his own – I am talking about day old sweat!), 5 foot short but wearing a leather jacket, tough guy! For fuck’s sake, my living room provides me with a crispier image, better sound, a comfy couch and no one gets on my nerves (or senses, talking about the smell). I am really sick of going to the movies, sharing a room with all these imbeciles and morons.

Back to the film. I didn’t expect much. In fact I expected another remake, as they are so common nowadays. But what I got was just another sequel, Friday the 13th Part XXX (yep, there are more tits in here than usually, fake though). Not endorsing the title with a “Part foobar” is nothing short of being a scam IMHO!

Fuck, this movie is so bad it makes me sick. Just take a couple of teenagers, throw them into the woods and wait for every single one to get chopped into pieces. The death scenes are not even remotely well done (even House of Wax‘s were better!), there is no such thing as tension, the flick rather is a comedy – there is slapstick in here, come on, I wanted to be reminded of the 80s horror’s genre, for fuck’s sake!

Sorry for swearing, but I am happy that I can write like this in my own blog – no censorship here… and this piece of crap doesn’t deserve anything less explicit.

1.0/10 – Keep as far away as you can from this bloody piece o’shit rip off sequel bullshit!!

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NSD7bit: Proud yet undecided (not really)

Sunday, February 8th, 2009 | Misc | No Comments

One wouldn’t hurt, right? Once, sometimes twice a day I still get the itch to smoke. But so far nothing seemed worth giving up my 127 days of absence. I am pretty sure that I’ll make it to the next bit as well.

On the other hand I feel good being a non-smoker. If I just could be strong enough to have a fag every now and then … but I guess we have been through this before! Ahhhh! :mrgreen:

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