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Review: Resident Evil 5 (PS3)

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 | Games, Misc, Reviews | No Comments

Resident Evil 5Oh, how I longed for the day Resident Evil 5 would hit the stores. I totally fell for RE4 – one of my favourite games of all time. Now part 5 is finally here, and I ran through it twice already, currently beating the “Veteran” levels. I read some reviews, but generally couldn’t agree with them, either because they were complaining about the wrong things or missing out some important details – just my 50 cent worth …

Okay, here we go, my review is intended for RE4 veterans. RE5 is basically RE4 in high res. Sounds good? Well, pimping graphics is not enough to deliver a good game. In fact a lot of kewl things from RE4 just got kicked out of the game, I guess this was done due to the massive coop team feature.

What’s new and good:

  • hey, it’s Resident Evil 😉 – okay, this one doesn’t count…
  • graphics/environment/the setting (RE4’s Spain setting was even more scary, but they did a great job bringing fear to Africa’s broad daylight!)
  • the controls – a lot of people complained about the new RE5 controls (strafe while walking, turn while running), but I think they are very smart – you just have to get used to them (some people complain about not being able to move while shooting – this handicap is a stylistic device to increase fear just as the fact that you can hardly see your surroundings ’cause the cam is just behind you.)
  • weapon / inventory system in real time (look, zombies approaching!) – more realistic and increases tension.
  • weapons can be assigned to up/down/left/right keys for quick access, this is something I really missed in GTA4 (bloody weapon cycling!).
  • teamplay – even though I rather play alone (the fear thing)
  • weapons that are maxed out (again, pimping your weapons is something I missed in GTA4!) sometimes unlock new weapons

What’s new but not really RE:

  • you can select any chapter to replay it
  • all ammo/treasure is transferred, thus grinding is way to easy
  • you can train a certain chapter until you know it by heart, making the game less horrible (in the sense of the “survival horror” genre)
  • you can hardly die (your partner can rescue you while you are dying, you really have to try hard or be plain stupid to die in a normal fight) – this takes away a lot of the thrill a survival game should provide
  • infinite ammo – come on … the infinite rocked launcher of RE4 was hilarious, but every weapon?!

What’s missing:

  • the MERCHANT! (impossible, inexcusable!) “Welcome stranger, what are you buying?”
  • you cannot buy treasure maps – so you have to look for the last piece of treasure for ages – could be a pro as well
  • weapons that are maxed out don’t unlock their extra special feature (remember the 200 rounds shotgun? hmm…)
  • you cannot combine treasures any more to get a more valuable object (I guess this was removed due to the chapter replay option, it would have been far to easy to obtain valuable treasure this way)
  • last but not least: the atmosphere. RE4 scared me big time. The only game that really scared the wits out of me is “Fatal Frame” aka “Project Zero”. Compared to those games RE5 is quite boring. The first run is fun, but after that (and after you get comfy with the chapter replay) you just play the game without any adrenaline pumping though your veins. A big let down IMHO.

To sum it up: still a fun game to play, nice next gen fx, but the new coop teamplay lead to a lot of survival horror element cuts. What’s left is a decent horror shooter, nothing more, nothing less. I guess RE will never get to me again like part 4 did, even thought RE6 is said to be completely different to RE4/5. Let’s wait and see…

7/10 – good, different, but not fit to hold a candle to the ingenious predecessor

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It only took half a year …

Thursday, April 16th, 2009 | Misc, Tech-savvy | 4 Comments

… but now it’s finally here: my new (company) car:

SG CC 1337 is in town, black and beautiful.

SG CC 1337 is in town, black and beautiful

Yeah, this time I am a show-off, but hey, hard work is paying off so let me enjoy it! :mrgreen:


Being offline

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 | Misc, Tech-savvy | 3 Comments

Currently I am in the process of moving. My new flat doesn’t have any internet connection yet (appart from my neighbour’s WLAN, but I don’t want to push it). Right now I am online sitting on a pile of rubbish: my old flat’s household. Packing, sorting, throwing away, such a drag!

Apart from that I realy enjoy being offline. A situation rarely experienced nowadays. It’s kind of “silent” when I am in my new flat. No internet available full of time killing opportunities! Now I spent more time with my wife and enjoy the sun on my balkony. Maybe I should stay offline. Back to the roots 😀

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