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Review: District 9 (2009)

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 | Movies, Reviews | No Comments

District 9 (2009)Aliens invading Earth. Humans invading Planet X. Seen it a thousand times.

District 9 takes a different approach off the beaten track and does so quite well. A big space ship had to make a forced landing on Earth in the 80s, where hundreds of aliens were rescued and given shelter near Johannesburg, Africa: District 9. This shelter soon became a slum and problems arose. This is where the film picks up – the day the aliens are about to be deported out of District 9 to be resettled somewhere else more remote.

The idea is great – even though I thought it was too simple I couldn’t remember a similar film (shame on me!). The documentary style is well done as well, not as claustrophobic as in [rec], not as hard on the stomach as in Cloverfield (I’ll never see that movie again!). Also Peter “Bad Taste” Jackson’s influence is easy to spot. See for yourself. 😉

I did not like the film drifting into an ordinary action shooter towards the end, I would have expected a more detailed view of the social and integration problems.

8.0 – A great film, that could have been even better if it had more of a story.

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