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Review: inFamous – my first platinum trophy

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 | Games, Reviews | 5 Comments

inFamousI’ve done it. My first achieved platinum trophy. This trophy is only rewarded by completing every achievement the game provides.

Anybody playing on Playstation network or XBOX Live knows that this is something quite demanding.

I decided that this will be the end of my gaming career. Well, not entirely, as I cannot deny the pleasure of casual gaming, but recently I just wasted to much precious time playing games such as GTA 4, Midgnight Club LA, Resident Evil 4/5, Dead Space, you name it. So I decided to put an end to endless weekend sessions of grinding.

Gaming has been an important part of my life, going back in time as far as 1982 playing River Raid (the first videogame ever to be put on the “Index” – meaning banned in Germany! *lol*) and Sea Quest on the Atari 2600. I can’t deny that I wasted a lot of time in front of systems such as the Commodore Amiga, Nintendo GameBoy (the grey one!), Super Nintendo/Famicon, Playstation 1 2 3 and the PC. Thank god it was just a lot of time, never an addiction (although the platinum trophy hunt came pretty close!).

Playing inFamous never felt like playing a great game. I just played forever, one more mission, one more achievement, end credits. Let’s play it again in hard mode as the villain. Beat it again, almost threw my controller into my telly fighting Kessler in hard mode, decided to do the rest of the achievements. In the end I think inFamous is a great game, I just can’t be bothered any more. I decided to spend my future spare time with things more rewarding, family, guitar or maybe even working overtime ;). There is so much more to do than spending half the weekend in front of my PS3. Guess I had to have it all just to come back to the roots and enjoy the simple things again.

Let’s see whether this will work out – I already pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption. Again, the exception proofs the rule, right? 😀

7.5 / 10 – a great game that didn’t really worked out for me – or did it?

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