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New word(s): 9 terms for being sick

Friday, January 1st, 2010 | Language, Quirks, Vocabulary | 4 Comments

What’s a better way to celebrate new year’s eve than attending your bro’s wedding (congratz again, Tim and Thilo), having a hip hop battle where you ruin your wedding suit’s trousers and discussing the vast variety of words for “throwing up” with an English army man. A great night indeed!

I was pretty proud I already knew 7 words – impressing the crowd, embarrassing me performing the appropriate gestures with my new friend from the UK to each way. Jo taught me one more, to honk. My wife then gave me the last one, which I first didn’t take as a way to do it but more as a descriptive term – but people really say something like “to be sick on the floor”.

Okay, enough of an introduction, here is my list of words for being sick:

  1. throw up – the well known term
  2. vomit – slightly informal
  3. puke – colloquial
  4. The “sound” descriptive ones (my favourites!):

  5. barf – a big shot straight forward
  6. hurl – like a barf, but done in an 120°+ horizontal angle 😀
  7. huee – the sound you make just before you ralph! (dont know the spelling though)
  8. ralph – the sound you make after a few huees! 😀
  9. New since last night:

  10. honk – new word from Jo, I am sorry I forgot the appropriate occasion for this one
  11. be sick – new word from Liz

Impressive, right? Don’t take me wrong, I am not specially attached to this topic, it’s just a fun thing to discuss at a late night party with a few drunkards. Dictionaries even provide a few more terms, but that’s kinda like cheating. Consider giving it a try next time you are at a party with a few friends that don’t mind talking about, well, being sick 🙂

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