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Review: Triangle (2009)

Friday, February 12th, 2010 | Movies, Reviews | No Comments

When Jess sets sail on a yacht with a group of friends, she cannot shake the feeling that there is something wrong. Her suspicions are proven when the yacht hits a storm and the group is forced to board a passing ocean liner to get to safety, a ship Jess is convinced she’s been on before. The ship appears deserted, the clock on board has stopped, but they are not alone… Someone is intent on hunting them down, one by one. And Jess unknowingly holds the key to end the terror.

If you are into mystery and somewhat horror this might be a good choice for you. Even though the cover looks more like another hillbilly flick the key element of the mystery is time bending/travel and it is portrayed quite well. Films that play with different time lines often lack logic. Triangle manages to have at least three (maybe even four, I can’t remember) parallel realities – which I found very well done regarding the complexity that may occur. There is just one minor glitch that you might want to complain about – why is Jess acting as she does first entering the boat? No more explanations here, I don’t want to spoil the story. Speaking of the story, don’t expect too much, it’s above average, but nothing special – compared to earlier instalments of director Christopher Smith (like Creep or the downright annoying Severance) it’s pretty good.

What I liked best was the camera work / setting / editing… everything is shot very impressively, right angle, right light – not to be mistaken as pretentious, more like minimalistic but elaborate. I don’t really know how to express my impressions. It just was an eye treat that I enjoyed a lot. Not one of these cheesy low budget cheap shots.

7.0 / 10 – Entertaining and a pleasure to watch.

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