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Om nom nom chomp

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 | Gadgets, Misc | No Comments

Ah, my kittehs just make my life so much more enjoyable. I recently ordered some sisal rope that arrived today to build more cat toys. Jack had to check it out immediately:

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Review: The Lovely Bones (2009)

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 | Movies, Reviews | No Comments

I used to be a big Peter Jackson fan. Bad Taste was the first splatter film I’ve ever seen (at the age of 14!) and I almost wet my pants doing so (laughing my arse off). A hilarious masterpiece. Brain Dead and Meet the Feebles followed and I watched them quite a few times back then. Then his style completely changed. First, a disturbing drama about friendship that is to kill for: Heavenly Creatures, after that Forgotten Silver – a nice mockumentary about a supergenius filmmaker. The horror comedy The Frighteners never really got to me (even though Micheal J. Fox stars in this one). Then, Lord of the Rings got announced and like a lot of people I couldn’t believe the news at first, but later on I was convinced that PJ would be the only guy out there capable of doing it right – just because his prior films where so very special. Well, we all know he did a very good job, followed by a pretty mediocre King Kong remake (childhood dream, fair enough). After years of production (well, at least it was pronounced years and years ago) his new major release hits the theatres. The Lovely Bones. The story of a life and everything that came after…

If you are easily disturbed or very sensitive you can stop reading here. This film is not for you.

The story evolves around a 14 year old girl that get’s abused and killed by a sociopathic man. Her spirit first doesn’t realize that she is dead, and stays to observe how the famlily adapts to the new situation until she is finally ready to pass on. A very touching adaptation of the book by Alice Sebold. I don’t want to tell any more, you should have already got the hang of what you can expect from this film. Just one more thing: watching the credits I asked my wife “Who wants to see such a film, anyway?” wiping away my tears…

8.0 / 10 – a very well done film – cruel, dreamy, sad – not for the faint o’heart

P.S. – I also waited to see if my ole ‘discman’ mate Matt Dravitzki is still around. Executive assistant to PJ by now, congratz! (Yeah, IMDb could’ve provided the information right away, but that’s like cheating) – a pity I haven’t heard from him in years.

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