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Chiptune Madness

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 | Gadgets, Misc, Music, Reviews, Tech-savvy | 1 Comment

Thanks to my favourite emag Lotek64 I stumbled upon some really interesting music: Chiptune!

I like to listen to OSTs of games and films (favourite game OST: Turrican 1/2 by Chris Hülsbeck, favourite motion picture OST: Avalon by Kenji Kawai). Reading Lotek64 the absolutely stylish cover arose my initial interest, reading the review I decided to give it a try:

(Chip) Comptroller veröffentlicht mit seinem RPM2010-Album auch sein Debüt. Zwischen schnellen und wütenden Chipbeats kommen dabei auch immer nette kleine Melodien zum Vorschein.

Free Download @

Listening to this artistic musical creation reminds me of endless GameBoy sessions and the time I connected my GameBoy to my home stereo to listen to the music of Super Mario Land and, naturally, Tetris. The sound of Comptroller is “great” in the sense of interesting/disturbing – sometimes even toothaching listened to at the right volume 😛

Lotek64 Issue 33 has more interesting musical reviews, such as an 8bit NES chiptune version of Pink Floyd‘s “The Dark Side of the Moon” called Moon8.

(Remake) … Wer das nur für einen musikalischen Scherz hält, irrt. Mit Moon8 tut Brad Smith Pink Floyd einen großen Gefallen, indem er die Stärken des Albums offenlegt und mit seiner klanglich zwangsläufig äußerst minimalistischen Auslegung der Kompositionen zu einer Entmystifizierung dieses überhöhten Werks beiträgt. Hier wird auf unerwartete Weise hörbar, wie The Dark Side of the Moon klingen könnte, wäre es nicht so hoffnungslos überproduziert und verkitscht worden. Moon8 ist die bessere Version des Albums, dessen Qualitäten endlich auf würdige Art hörbar werden.

Free download @

Crazy shit indeed! 😀 Thanks Lotek64 for providing these reviews!

Googleing I also found two blogs (The Chiptune Blog, Stadkind: Berlin), just in case you want to listen to some more chiptunes. So far, I like the idea a lot!

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Bret and Jemaine in one person

Saturday, June 5th, 2010 | Misc | No Comments

You think Flight of the Conchords are kewl? Well, I’ve got a friend that resembles Bret and Jemaine at the same time! Ben, you whrock! 😀

Brightness Overclocking your eee pc

Saturday, June 5th, 2010 | Gadgets, Tech-savvy | No Comments

For some reason it is possible to ‘overclock’ the brightness of an eee pc display. Windows users can use eeectl, a nice tool that lets you manipulate the brightness (among other things) with the ease of a mouse click.

I recently switched to easypeasy Linux on my eee 901, and unfortunately there is no Linux port of eeectl available. But worry no more, here is the solution that worked for me: Open a shell and enter

nick@eee901:~$ sudo setpci -s 00:02.1 f4.b=ff

‘ff’ sets the brightness to maximum value, somewhere around ’99’ is the normal maxed out brightness.

Kudos to the poster @EeeUser forum! I just reposted this here because I tried to google this issue a few times unsuccessfully. Hope by doing so more people find this trick.

Happy outdoor eeeing 🙂

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