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Solingen Zebras against Bonn Barbarians: 33:12

Sunday, March 27th, 2011 | Activities, Photography | 3 Comments

A few random shots from today’s match. Well done boys! 🙂

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A plunge into the world of digital SLR photography

Saturday, March 26th, 2011 | Gadgets, Photography, Tech-savvy | 1 Comment

I have been into digital photography and image manipulation in general for as long as they exist, but I never dared to spend hundreds of Euros on a SLR of my own.

My local electronic retailer had the Nikon D3100 on sale and because it was the last box available and another couple was already staring at it I had to draw my Credit Card instantly. I got myself the so called “double zoom kit” (with the 18/55 ED II and 55/200 ED lenses)” – people gave me the general advice not to buy kits, rather go for a body and spend a few more bucks on a decent lens. Well, I totally agree, but as I have no idea what a good lens is (okay, higher price might be a better lens) I just decided to go with the “cheap” stuff, and as soon as I reach my limits I will have figured out what kind of an upgrade will be appropriate. For now, I have literally no idea how to use my camera, I ordered 2 books and fiddled with a few settings, but so far I only got comfy with the noob automatic modus. Just today I learned, that there is no button for manual focus, just turn the front part of the lens 🙂

Here are some sample shots we did with our new toy:

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