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Stop To Smell The Roses II – Winter’s Coming!

Saturday, October 27th, 2012 | Activities, Photography | No Comments

Even though the sun was out again it was freezing cold. The shot of the frozen grass was taken at noon! See the route at RunKeeper.

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Stop To Smell The Roses I – Autumn Bliss

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 | Activities, Photography | No Comments

I love biking. I love taking pictures. Biking is a fast paced sport and you should really focus on where you are going instead of gazing to enjoy the beauties of the world. So I decided to simply stop first and gaze later every now and then, and as RunKeeper has a neat auto-stop feature this doesn’t impact my tracking too badly. Anyway, here are the first couple of shots. I want to continue theses tour shots and call the series “Stop To Smell The Roses”. Enjoy.

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Everyday Life’s Insights II – Keep Keepsakes

Friday, October 19th, 2012 | Activities, Insights, Photography, Tech-savvy | No Comments

I love to keep things. Not in a messy kind of way, rather hanging on to the past. Which is worse is up to you to decide. Anyway, people tend to tell you to get rid of old unused stuff, get rid of all the clutter. So last time I “optimized” my cellar I threw away my somewhat broken Ixus 70 which turned out to be a pretty bad idea.

Someone that is very closely related to me dropped the old camera to the floor. The flash did not fire any more after that stunt. So we bought a new Ixus 500 HS – a decent device but by far not as convincing as the 70 in terms of features, handling and (subjective) image quality.

Anyway, the old one went straight to the storage to RIP. Same goes for my first “New Zealand” Ixus, a 330 from 2002 – what a beauty! 🙂

So I decided to throw away the beloved Ixus 70 because of a broken flash. A few weeks later I felt the need for a camera that I could take on bike trips – and what do you not need for landscape photography? Correct. A flash. The old Ixus would have been the perfect companion for the purpose. What a bummer.

Bottom line: Keep your stuff unless you are absolutely sure you don’t need it any more. Full stop.

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