Review: The Descent (2005)

Saturday, November 29th, 2008 | Movies, Reviews

It’s been the second time I saw this movie and it still makes me jump! Finally a scary but not a cheesy movie! Sometimes the story is drifting into an artistic angle, the way the characters are presented, camera movement and the more graphic scenes – everything seems to be deliberately exaggerated without becoming a splatter or gore movie.

The story evolves around a couple of women who do outdoor activities for fun, pretty rough stuff like rafting for example. This time they are going to descent into a cave. Only problem is, that someone didn’t want to take the scenic tourist’s route and chose an never before explored cave for their trip. Bad idea! 😛

A fun flick to watch, thrilling, shocking, sometimes even repelling. This is what I expect from a “descent” horror movie!

8.5/10 – Pretty much awesome!

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