PS4 fan noise – pretty much solved.

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 | Gadgets, Insights, Tech-savvy

So Sony did not manage to solve the PS4 sounding like a hair dryer issue. I had to take it into my own hands and it became sort of like a personal crusade.


Break your warranty. Replace the thermal paste. Hate Sony.

Kill the noise – €10

01-foam My first idea was to simply buy some acoustic foam and kill the noise. As this foam works best with high frequencies I thought it might work. I put some foam in my TV stand, made sure enough air would be supplied and fired up the machine. It took maybe 20 minutes for the jet engine to set off. Even though the stand is permanently open in the back and has air vents on top it heated up and got noisier than ever. I took out piece by piece of the foam to no avail.

More air – €2

02-elevation Next thing I tried was elevating the thing, so that there is no heat buildup on the bottom of the case. Looks funky, but is completely useless yet cat approved.

More cooling – €30

03-heatsink Next thing I got was a giant heatsink. I figured putting it on top of the device might help to keep the overall heat at bay. Again, no notable results.

The last frontier – breaking the warranty and replacing thermal paste. – €20

04-thermal-paste Sony, I hated you so much already that I dared to open the box and break my warranty. You were not able to fix this multiple times, so I didn’t give a rat’s ass about the warranty anymore. I bought myself Arctic Silver 5 with some paste remover and surface polisher. I also got some new cooling pads. It turned out to be a good idea.

As you can see the thermal paste looks completely wasted. Not evenly spread, bubbles of locked-in air, dry. I am not a hardware pro but this looks pretty bad to me. Also, the cooling pads were rather small, also dry and put in place in a very inaccurate way. I fixed that as well.


After replacing the thermal paste and cooling pads the machine was running almost without any noticeable noise. It takes maybe 20 minutes for the fan to speed up to a level where I can hear it, but it is much more silent now. Tried to put the machine back into my TV stand, but that did not work, it still overheats in there. So now the PS4 is sitting below my TV stand, elevated with felt pads, cooled by a giant heatsink and its warranty broken for the final fix, good thermal paste.

I spent over €50 and quite some time to get to this point. Again, I cannot emphasis how disappointed I am with Sony and its customer care. Case closed.

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3 Comments to PS4 fan noise – pretty much solved.

18. June 2015

Mate, what kind of cooling pads did you get and where acn those be found?


15. July 2015

I can’t remember, it was just a basic thermal pad from amazon, something similar to this one:

You may consider getting the latest revision of the PS4, less power consuming, less noisy they say…

29. November 2016

I did the exact same thing. Replaced the stock thermal paste but instead of replacing the thermal pads, I tested whether the casing actually touched the ram chips, and it didn’t so I just used dollops of thermal paste instead. No problems. But as for the fan noise, I my case, it’ because it is already on it’s way out and will need to be replaced. But The so called fan, which is more accurately a turbine, is the worst form of cooler you can use. So I intend on buying a barometric bearing fan and cutting a hole below the intake of the turbine, in the outer shell in order to suck the heat out of the machine and blow it out the bottom of the PS4. This will lower the heat significantly and using a barometric bearing fan will ensure silence and longevity.

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