Life hack: fuck them laces!

Thursday, April 5th, 2018 | Gadgets, Insights, Vocabulary

Doing laces is art. It seems there’s even a cult among younger people nowadays how to lace their shoes. So it’s been a thing lately to not show laces at all and I got told to just knot them and put the laces inside of the shoes. Well, that worked quite well but I also like my comfort zone, and sharing it with knotted fibre kinda ruined the experience.

So, I was looking for another solution and my brain came up with … Aderendhülse. What?! (That’s German for ferrule) Yes, I had to learn a new word for this minuscule life hack. The German one that is.

Anyway, here is my solution. Just get yourself some ferrules fro the D.I.Y. retailer, thread in the laces and crush it!! After that, just cut the ends off. Done.

No more lace knoting for me, and I don’t have to share the snug inside of my sneakers with random clews.


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