A small introduction

Hi, my name is Nick, I am an senior information technology consultant, mainly in the Open Source Java Enterprise area. I like all things technical, I even would say that I am some sort of geek/nerd and proud of it. It’s the 21st century – nowadays geeks are cool 😉 When I started this blog, my latest gadget was my eeepc 901, and suddenly playing Doom was fun again.

I am married to my wonderful wife Lisa, she is blogging as well. No kids, yet…

I work for codecentric a small highly specialised company that deals with J2EE architecture, performance and Open Source technologies.

I sometimes realize that I neglect my hobbies – I even tend to forget that I have them (like juggling, it’s been years since I did it, yet still I like it). So here is a reminder list for me (in no particular order):

  • (retro) video games (obviously)
  • playing the Guitar (rock!)
  • riding my bike (off-road mainly)
  • films and series (original versions, no matter if that’s English, Spanish or Korean)
  • English as a language (I try to use English as often and naturally as possible)
  • hiking (just casual stuff)
  • photography
  • juggling (balls and clubs)
  • music (I consider this a hobby, because music is important to me. Other people may be just fine listening to whatever the radio plays – I am not.)
  • digital image processing (like Gimp/Photoshop, Google Sketchup and the like)

P.S. Here are my Amazon Wishlists: http://www.amazon.de/wishlist/S39JCSOUI6IO and http://www.amazon.co.uk/wishlist/2DZROPJGRA3TV – just in case 🙂

Contact information

Mail: mail@(nospam)nick-prosch.de
Skype: codecentric04
Twitter: http://twitter.com/npr77
Facebook: http://facebook.com/nick.prosch

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