The mind is a miraculous thing indeed

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 | Misc, Tech-savvy | No Comments

Sometimes you wake up from a dream and wonder where the mind is getting all these crazy ideas from. A few days ago I experienced something even more freaky – subconscious ideas surfacing! What? Well, just imagine telling yourself a joke and still laughing at the punch line. Doesn’t make sense, because if you tell the joke you should know the outcome, right? Okay, here is the story:

A colleague of mine brought some Google Android give-away stickers from W-JAX. I took the black one with the woman, man, and Android:

As if dreaming about that sticker is not freaky enough I dreamt that I wanted to present this sticker as a present to a friend of mine, let’s call him Moe:

“Here Moe, I got a sticker for you”
“Oh, that’s nice, but unfortunately the LEDs on my keyboard don’t work”

And I was like “What?” and then I realized, that if applied to a keyboard the LEDs of Num, Caps and Scroll lock are supposed to illuminate the eyes of these little buggers. What a neat idea. Only problem: these stickers are not supposed to work as keyboard LED attire in the real world. My mind made it up without telling my consciousness. This still sounds paradox to me. Anybody reading this experienced in fixing minds?! 😉

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