OMG! I’ve got pwnd. By the interwebz.

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 | Gadgets, Insights, Misc | 1 Comment

I saw this random add on Facebook, some 5 piece Star Wars canvas depicting Lord Vader. Loved it. Honestly, I love personalized ads, as they show me stuff I really like.

Lord Vader Canvas

This time I fell for a fraud. It seemed legit, I guess, there was PayPal to pay, free worldwide shipping (this should have rung a bell already) and 32.99 USD seemed a good deal.

Bought and paid October 1st.


Contacted seller November 6th.

Hi there, I am still waiting for my “STARWARS 5 PIECE CANVAS LIMITED EDITION”. Purchased at first of October.

Is there anything wrong?


Never got a reply.

Double checked the website November 16th.



Okay, seems I was to naive to trust in this bargain. Contacted PayPal, hope I will get my money back.

So, please, if the offer looks the least dodgy think twice. It can happen, even to old online veterans. When in doubt use a service like PayPal who might give you another layer of buyer protection.

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Oops, I did it. Web 2.0, I will participate. A little.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 | Misc, Tech-savvy | 5 Comments

I’ve been blogging for quite a while now, but I always boycotted all things Interwebz 2.0 bling bling like Twitter, Facebook and the like. Today I created a Twitter account (@npr77) and I guess I will even create a Facebook account to stay in touch with more people than just the guys at the pub (wave @Leo&Maria) … may not sound like a big thing for you, but for me it is something special. I got rid of a basic principle (“static html, IRC and plain text E-Mail is all I need really”) and now I’ll try to stay old skewl and still be open minded towards the mainstream hypes that are sooo not good enough for a grumpy geek – ah, I guess I will just boycott the next big thing then, or the one after that. For now I’ll just participate and see what it’s like. See you on some social media platform soon 🙂

Post scriptum I tried to register a Facebook account.

FAIL! Is this a sign? 😀

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