Stop To Smell The Roses II – Winter’s Coming!

Saturday, October 27th, 2012 | Activities, Photography | No Comments

Even though the sun was out again it was freezing cold. The shot of the frozen grass was taken at noon! See the route at RunKeeper.

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Stop To Smell The Roses I – Autumn Bliss

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 | Activities, Photography | No Comments

I love biking. I love taking pictures. Biking is a fast paced sport and you should really focus on where you are going instead of gazing to enjoy the beauties of the world. So I decided to simply stop first and gaze later every now and then, and as RunKeeper has a neat auto-stop feature this doesn’t impact my tracking too badly. Anyway, here are the first couple of shots. I want to continue theses tour shots and call the series “Stop To Smell The Roses”. Enjoy.

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90° biking – Höhscheid to Frankfurter Damm

Monday, October 3rd, 2011 | Activities | No Comments

Inspired by my recent 90° biking experience (check the previous post) I drove from Höhscheid to Wald’s McD (2 chicken burgers and an apple spritzer to my name – I needed to get something into me before cheering for Solingen’s pretty awesome rugby team, the Zebras!)

Anyway, I think I could revise my invention’s name to just straight driving, but that doesn’t make it sound so kewl. 🙂

Again, this route is completely nonsensical in terms of exhaustion and speed, yet also again I’ve learned something about my home town’s not so well-known infrastructure. A few more of these trips and I am becoming a pro scout for Solingen’s soil.

These bike trips, that lead you directly to your destination, can also be guided by your smartphone’s navigation app. Just use directions meant for walking – and this will pretty much always result in a route someone on a bike (let alone car) wouldn’t normally take. Have phun experimenting!

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90° biking – cycling off the beaten track

Saturday, October 1st, 2011 | Activities | No Comments

Today I decided to enjoy the nice weather and go for a bike ride. I did not want to ride a well-known route so I decided to do something quite daring: 90° biking.

I just made that term up of course, but it describes pretty good what I did. Normally, you take a route that is either short or easy to get to your destination. Now take that route and drive somewhere else in a 90° angle. You will find shortcuts and places you have never seen before 😎

Solingen has a layout that resembles a corrugated sheet. Vertically (north/south in a 2D map context) it’s almost constantly going either up or down. So normally you take routes that mainly go horizontally (west/east respectively). This means trying to get from Höhscheid to Ittertal in a straight line by bike is a pretty insane thing, normally I’d suggest a longer route that surpasses all the hills and valleys in between. God bless the Korkenziehertrasse! 🙂

I experienced a wonderful trip (details @RunKeeper). I especially liked the moments when I popped out of the bushes just to realize where I was and I also drove past some places I haven’t been to in years like Nümmen. Hmm, childhood memories …

So go get your bikes out while you still can and practice some 90° biking – you might learn something new about the place you live. 28° on October 1st should also be considered a compensation for the @!*# summer of 2011.

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Manual RunKeeper: 27k Bike Tour

Monday, September 13th, 2010 | Activities, Misc | No Comments

Today I rode my bike without any friends to bring a fancy RunKeeper enabled cell.

So I decided to blog today’s stats manually. This is practically the same tour as my friend Thomas recorded (@see RunKeeper) a week ago – except that this time I did not take the hill up to Oberburg and it took me 40min less 🙂

Distance: 27.24 km (16.92 miles) Time: 1:24:54
Average: 19.24 km/h (11.95 mph) Max: 49.27 km/h (30.61 mph)

Download the Google Earth kml here.

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