SpringSource Certified Spring Professional

Friday, July 24th, 2009 | Certification, Java | No Comments

cert_spring_proAs of today I am a SpringSource Certified Spring Professional. I am totally happy that I made it, this was one of the most challenging certifications I ever achieved (okay, the Certified JBoss Developer was even harder, but it is “open book”).

I can’t go into the details right now (and I am not allowed to) because I have some friends over for a beer. Just one thing:  JavaBlackBelt provides a great summary of the topics that will be in the exam. The Spring Reference Documentation is just awesome and will give you all the information that you need. It is a lot of information, but it’s worth the effort. Okay, gotta go partying 🙂

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Scrumming at home

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 | Misc | No Comments

Inspired by my colleague Rob’s picture of his scrum board, I thought that I’ll share my last weekend’s scrum board as well:

Improvised scrum board

Improvised scrum board

On top I put the backlog, next to the picture the sprint’s things to do, done things went to the bottom area, kept there a few days for the psychological effect (see, you don’t need nicotine to get some dopamine). 😀

It was the first time I scrummed at home (I just became Scrum Master certified attending a training held by Scrum Mastermind Jeff Sutherland and Serge Beaumont from Xebia).

Scrumming I got things done that had been bugging me for weeks, some even months. Scrum really is about getting things done, as long as you have

  • a product backlog, as complete as possible
  • a product owner who has an understanding of what has to be done
  • a scrum master the keeps the team from interruptions while sprinting

Sprint time was Saturday afternoon only, I didn’t want to have anything left for Sunday, my family heavy couching / pizza ordering day. The only thing left was “finish Spring MVC tutorial”, but as I attended the Spring Core training last week I think I can forget about this one for now … or replace it by “prepare for Spring certification” – which will also bug me for weeks to come 😛

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